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Optty extension installation Guide


This document outlines how to install and configure the Optty extensions on Magento 2. Optty is available as a Magento 2 extension. The extension is a bundle of Optty Payment and Optty Widgets. It allows merchants to activate Optty as a payment method on their store, and display Optty widgets on the frontend.
Optty unlocks direct access to the world’s BNPL providers (50+ providers in 56 countries and 36 currencies… and we’re still growing) through a single integration. With the Optty extension, retailers are able to leverage each of the 50+ BNPL providers across the globe with whom Optty is certified, without any additional development required.

Step 1 Module Installation

If you do not currently have an Optty merchant account, sign up with Optty & receive your login credentials here.

Install the Optty extension via Magento official Marketplace

Install it manually by loading the Optty files into your server.

Please reach out to [email protected] to get the extension file for manual install.
  1. 1.
    Unzip the Optty Module and copy the files to your Magento directory (Magento_Dir)/app/code/
2. Execute Magento setup upgrade:
bin/magento setup:upgrade
3. Clean the cache and generated code:
bin/magento cache:clean
rm -rf var/generation/*
4. Run magento compiler to generate auto-generated classes (this will take some time ...) :
bin/magento setup:di:compile

Step 2 Configure the Optty Extension

Configure Optty Payments

If you do not currently have an Optty merchant account, sign up with Optty & receive your login credentials here.

Optty Widgets Setting

Once the extension has been installed in your Magento store, you will find and Optty option in the stores configuration.
Please check the OPTTY -> Widgets configuration, is set to:
  • Enabled to YES
  • widget Mode in Live.
  • URLs should be remaining as system default value.
Individual widget placements can be enabled/disabled and the configuration is handled within the Optty Retailers Dashboard, please refer to the article HERE for the details of Optty widget configuration guide.

Credentials Settings

1. Optty Payment is a payment option, added to the Sales -> Payment Method section of the Magento Admin.
2. Configure the payment method by providing your Optty Client ID, Client Secret and Payment Secret for either the Optty Sandbox or Optty Live environments. Sandbox credentials will have been provided to you during your Optty Merchant registration, and Production credentials will be sent tp you by our Support team once you are ready to go live.
3. Switch between the different Optty environments by toggling the Test Mode option. If set to No, Optty Payment will connect to your live Optty Merchant Account. For testing purposes, set Test Mode to Yes

Basic Settings - Optty

Enable Optty Payment as a payment method on the storefront by toggling Enable to Yes, under the Basic Settings section. Specify a payment title, upload a payment logo and configure the countries Optty Payments should be available for during checkout.
  1. 1.
    To use the default Optty Payment logo on checkout, leave Optty Payment Logo empty
  2. 2.
    Optty Payment can be configured on a Default or Website level
  3. 3.
    Clean the cache via the Magento Admin to ensure the config setting changes takes effect on the storefront.
  4. 4.
    Optty Payment should now be available as a payment method on Checkout.

Advance Settings

Dynamic Redirect URL
The URL that Optty use to redirect the user back after the payment is completed.
eg: https://YOURSTOREURL/optty/payment/callback
Create Order Before Payment
  • Yes (Default) - Optty will create an order, and it will sit in a pending status. After the Payment has completed, the order will move to a processing status in the Magento order.
Optty will run a cron job, to cancel orders older than 10 minutes, that didn't complete.
To adjust the duration, please use Cron Running Time, and Order Older (Min)
  • No - Optty will only create order when receive the payment status from provider.

Step 3 Enable Buy Now Pay Later in Optty

Once you've completed the configuration in Magento, you just have to login to Optty Retail Control Center and enable the Buy Now Pay Later by following the steps here.