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Explore our technical documentation, API references and easy to follow guides to help you to integrate Optty with your eCommerce store or payments solution.

What is Optty?

Optty is a payments orchestration layer that has partnered with 80+ Alternative Payment Methods globally. We help merchants & partners streamline their payment processing and increase their revenue via a single integration with an omnichannel focus.

Integration Options

From easy-to-install plugins for popular eCommerce platforms to a comprehensive set of API's that give you full control across the integration, we provide options to cater for different business types, sizes and technical architectures that allow merchants and payment service providers to integrate with Optty.
eCommerce Platforms
Custom API

eCommerce Platforms & Third Party Shopping Carts

Optty has developed easy to install plugins that integrate with the leading third party eCommerce platforms to allow you to easily add Alternative Payment Methods into your store's checkout.

Custom API Integration

Our comprehensive set of API's provides you with full control over the integration and flexibility to adapt to different use cases. Through this method of integration, the look and feel of your desktop and mobile website checkout can be pixel perfect for your brand's style.


Our set of widgets are easy to install, self-contained modular interfaces that enhance your user experience by providing information of the payment methods you offer earlier in the journey. This has been shown to help to significantly increase conversion at checkout.


Please feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Support teams, via [email protected], for more details
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