2️⃣Get APM Options

In order to display the correct APM options at checkout, you should request the options available from the Optty platform using this request.

Use this method to request favailable payment methods from Optty to get

GET /options

Use this method to request from Optty a list of available payment methods in the order that they should be displayed

Query Parameters


eg. USD

eg. 100





Bearer <token>

All active APMs will be returned in the response but the example below assumes a single APM.

content-type application/json:

   "terms": "Pay SGD 33.33 weekly over 3 weeks with Hoolah SG.",
   "name": "HOOLAH_SG",
   "imageUrl": "https://widgets.qa.optty.com/images/logos/bnpl_hoolah_1.0.png",
   "instalment": {
     "rate": {
       "amount": 33.33,
       "currency": "SGD"
     "termDuration": 3,
     "termUnit": "weeks"
   "monthlyCost": {
      "amount": 100,
      "currency": "SGD"
   "termDurationInMonths": 0.75,
   "weeklyCost": {
      "amount": 33.33,
      "currency": "SGD"
    "termDurationInWeeks": 3,
    "recommended": true,
    "checkoutConfig": {
       "content": "",
       "iframeUrl": "",
       "button": {
          "type": "global",
          "text": "Checkout",
          "color": "#FFFFFF",
          "background": "#0E77C6",
          "position": "left",
          "size": "small"
       "termsCondition": {
          "type": "none",
          "content": "",
          "linkText": "Terms & Condition"
      "currency": "SGD",
      "maxAmount": "10000",
      "minAmount": "1",
      "priority": "24",
      "lateFeesAllowed": false,
       "customerFeesAllowed": false,
       "interestRateAllowed": false,
       "interestRate": "0",
       "ratings": 0,
       "ratingsAvailabilityStatus": false

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