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Self checking before moving to production


Optty sandbox is an entirely separate environment from your production account. Sandbox provide the environment for development purpose, to run end to end testing with each Payment Method you connected to.

Nothing created in the sandbox (e.g. Payment Method setting, transactions etc) will transfer to production. Your login information, and API keys will also be different.


Sandbox Environment: https://auth.qa.optty.com/token?Query Production environment: https://auth.optty.com/token?Query

Other Services:

Sandbox Environment: https://api.qa.optty.com Production environment: https://api.optty.com

Step 1 Update API Credentials

Switch your sandbox credentials to production credentials. Do not have access to Optty Production credentials yet?

Please reach out to support@optty.com, our customer support will assist your from there.

Step 2 Switch APIs endpoints

  1. OAuth Endpoint


2. API end-point


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